How to Buy Multiple Bathrooms

Guide to Designing and Buying Multiple Trade Bathrooms


Whether you’re a property developer seeking several trade bathrooms for new apartments or a homeowner looking to upgrade, here we highlight what to consider when buying several bathrooms.

As an experienced contract bathroom supplier, we specify and supply bathrooms for a broad range of clients, from architects and interior designers, to landlords, trades, and homeowners.

Here you can find where to source the best bathroom deals, how to get ample planning and technical support, plus design ideas for a ‘wow’ interior.

Where to Buy Multiple Trade Bathrooms

Best places to buy – look for Trade bathroom centres who offer contract bathroom services. Trade suppliers, including Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, provide low price bathrooms and have sales and discount products.

They also offer a range of styles, from cheap bathroom suite bundles to designer suites.

Technical Expertise – if seeking bathrooms for new builds or an extension, it pays to use a supplier who can advise on the latest Building Regulations.

Several regulations apply to bathrooms, including Part H – Drainage and Waste DisposalPart F – Ventilation and Part P – Electrical Safety.

Choosing a knowledgeable supplier, such as ourselves, will help ensure your renovation is safe and regulation compliant.

Bathroom Design Service – well-designed bathrooms don’t happen by chance. Consulting a bathroom designer will help you make the most of the space.

Even if you have a designer on board or have created online plans, look for a trade supplier with an in-house design service. They will have tools to visualise and refine your designs or create your perfect layout from scratch.

An expert designer can advise how to maximise space and make the most of features, as well as provide:

  • scaled plans and drawings with accurate measurements
  • a product specification list and cost for each bathroom
  • lighting and tiling plans
  • technical guidance to support smooth installation

Visualising the space is also vital. As part of our design service, we offer clients an immersive virtual reality experience. This gives genuine insight to how they space will feel. It is also a brilliant way to ‘level up’ your design process.

Consider Your or Your End Client’s Experience – consider what you or your end clients want from their bathroom.

You will likely have an end-user in mind, whether it’s tenants, homeowners, or short-stay guests. Think about the facilities they want and what can be achieved with the space.

Bathrooms are compact, so it is important to squeeze in all the desired features. Plus, even the smallest bathroom or cloakroom will benefit from quality design.

Good questions to ask are what function will the bathrooms serve? Are they about convenience? In which case would a walk-in shower be better than a bath? Or indulgence? If so, would a freestanding bath enhance the experience?

Other aspects are:

  • Accessibility: how much space to move around and open internal doors and shower doors?
  • What should you see when you enter? A focal point like a bath or vanity unit adds visual impact.
  • Storage: how much storage space is needed? A family bathroom or master bathroom will benefit from abundant storage to keep it clean and clutter-free, while a guest bathroom or hotel bathroom can be a storage light.
  • Style: what style do you want your bathrooms to convey? Do you want suites and tiles to match for a co-ordinated interior or individual spaces with unique fixtures?

A bathroom designer will smooth this process, helping you pin down each room’s function and style.

Eco-friendly bathrooms – the Future Homes Standard comes into force in 2025.

It aims to ensure all new build homes and extensions to existing homes produce 75 to 80% less carbon emissions than current standards. To pave the way, changes to Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) start next year.

If installing several bathrooms opting for eco-friendly will help achieve tougher energy efficiency targets and lower energy bills.

Consider incorporating these energy-saving ideas:

  • Low flush-toilets use less water
  • Eco-friendly shower baths which keep heat and reduce water usage
  • Electric showers which only heat the water used
  • Infrared bathroom heating panels, which conserve energy by only heating objects not the entire room
  • Low energy lighting

Bathrooms that won’t date – if you are a building owner or landlord you don’t want the cost of replacing bathrooms regularly. For longevity, choose classic suites which won’t date or show signs of wear.

White bathroom suites are timeless and can be updated with less expensive accessories.

This also applies when installing bathrooms in hotels and B&Bs. Keep core fixtures neutral but use eye-catching brassware and other accessories for an individual twist.

Easy clean – life’s too short for scrubbing. Choose fittings that are easy to clean to save time and energy.

  • Ceramic, enamel or acrylic baths are durable and easy to clean
  • Large wall and floor tiles create less joints for dirt to hide
  • Close coupled toilets and wall-hung toilets save space and are easy to clean
  • Rimless toilets – which have bowls without an interior rim – prevent grim build up and are super hygienic

Delivery scheduling – you want to receive your bathrooms at the right time. Especially if carrying out a development or refurbishment. If they arrive too early there may not be space to store them, or they may get damaged. Look for a bathroom supplier, like Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, who can arrange phased delivery in line with your schedule.

Looking to buy multiple bathrooms? We design and supply beautiful bathrooms for all size and style of scheme. We also provide expert design and technical support on a wide range of installations.

Call into Aylesbury’s largest trade bathroom showroom today or contact us here.

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