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Do I have to be a commercial trade to purchase from you?

At Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, we don’t believe in only providing our trade discounts and pricing to customers who have a trade account with us. Our cost-effective bathroom trade supplies are available to everyone who wants to purchase products from us!

How long will I wait for my bathroom products to be delivered?

Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre has a great relationship with each of our suppliers. Each of our clients is as unique as the products we supply, so whilst we cannot advise you here about delivery times, we will ensure that you know when you can expect them to be delivered upon ordering your products.

This will depend on the products we have in stock and whether we have to order specific items. As we only work with reputable, high-end suppliers, we assure you that your products will be delivered efficiently and effectively.

How do I open a trade account with you?

Many of our clients choose to open a trade account with us for the extra benefits they receive. These benefits include but are not limited to finance options, our in-house design services and project management support. If you would like to open a trade account with Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, call or drop us a message, and we will provide you with all the information you need.

Can you support housing developers with bathroom products?

We work with clients, from private and domestic to high-end commercial properties, builders and architects. Whether you are a housing development manager looking for great quality bathrooms at cost-effective prices or a hotel chain wanting to upgrade your existing bathroom suites, Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre has the bathroom trade supplies you need to start and complete your projects.

Do you have a showroom?

We are proud to have two showrooms where we can invite clients to view our products firsthand. Please choose from our Exchange Street showroom, where you can see a range of bathroom suites in complete working order, or visit our Chamberlain Road showroom to look at hundreds of tile choices and yet more bathroom trade supplies.

Can you offer a bathroom installation service?

Whether you don’t know where to start with your bathroom installation, or you don’t have the time to complete your projects, Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre can provide the support you need in the form of a brilliant installation team who will take care of your project for you.

From installing a private bathroom in your home to working across multiple rooms in a hotel, we have the experience and knowledge needed to complete your project.

What bathroom trade supplies do you offer?

At Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, we have a wide variety of bathroom trade supplies for your project. From bathroom suites to fixings, wall and floor tiles to heating elements, plus everything you need to fix, grout and seal your finished bathroom.

There isn’t a lot we cannot provide at Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, and if you are looking for something specific, get in contact with the team who will be happy to help.

Where can you deliver bathroom trade supplies to?

Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre is based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. We can offer fast delivery of our products anywhere within a 6-mile radius of our showroom, and we offer free delivery anywhere in the UK for orders over £400.

Our team can also offer a timely phased delivery service for those working within the housing development industry or upgrading multiple bathrooms as part of the same project.

This means that your bathroom trade supplies will be delivered at a time within your project that suits you, so your products aren’t waiting around on site for weeks.

Do you offer finance solutions?

We understand, for commercial contractors, that you may not have the funds available to purchase your bathroom trade supplies as the money is currently tied up in your project. We offer flexible and supportive finance solutions for our trade account customers. For more information or to set up a trade account today, contact our team.

Can you help with bathroom design services?

We love nothing you are looking for some advice and guidance about how to design your bathroom most appropriately; our team are here to help. We love nothing more than taking a deep dive into our customer’s projects to see how we can help with design and installation.

Our cutting-edge design services allow you to collaborate with our team to develop detailed CAD plans for your layouts and interiors.

We use an immersive 4D virtual reality experience to help you explore the room layout and interact with your chosen features. We will provide a detailed breakdown of proposed products, measurements, clearances and specifications relating to Building Regulations compliance.

We can also offer product training and installation to give your clients the smoothest handover.

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