5 ways to upgrade the spa facilities in your hotel in 2022

spa facilities

Invest in some new spa facilities to boost attraction

One of the best ways to enhance your hotel’s offerings is to improve the spa facilities. But what exactly do you need to do to do this? Well, here’s a guide to help make the most of your spa facilities. As we all know, the spa facilities in hotels are always a huge hit with guests. After a long day of business or sightseeing, you can’t help but appreciate the convenience of having a spa facility available.

There is nothing better than kicking back after a hard day and relaxing. By investing in a spa, the hotel is likely to see a high increase in the number of guests staying there. However, it’s important that the hotel invests in its spa facilities so that guests are happy when they visit. If you are wondering what you can do to make your spa facilities the best around, then read on as we explain how to improve the appeal of your facilities.

As consumers, we are aware that the spa facilities in the hotel we are looking at are important. Being able to unwind in the sauna or pool when we are away is very appealing – whether we are on a business trip or a holiday. For this reason, hotels need to keep their facilities in top condition to stand apart from their competitors and offer their customers a reason to come back time and time again.

If your spa facilities have been running for many years, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Recent advancements in technology have offered beautiful new sauna technology, clever jacuzzi systems and steam rooms to die for. If your facilities are looking a little out of date, are continuously broken or are in need of a serious revamp, why not consider upgrading to make your hotel more appealing to current and future customers?

Retile your spa facilities to give them a new look

There is often nothing worse than coming into a spa facility only to find that the tiles and grout show the footsteps of every customer from the last ten years. Whilst you can keep your spa facilities clean, there is only so long the grout and tiles will hold out, and at some point, you will need to think about replacing them. We know how costly this can be for hotel chains, particular as most of the spa facilities area will be tiled. That’s why our tiles are cost-effective and high quality – so you get the best of both worlds.

If you are planning to upgrade your tiles and grout, use this opportunity to really make your spa facilities stand out. Choose from a huge selection of beautiful tiles to suit every space, from your shower cubes to the pool floor and jacuzzi walls. Our team is here to support you in making the right hopes depending on your budget and what you hope to achieve.

Do your spa facilities’ showers need an upgrade?

Whilst your spa facilities may be the best for miles around, the shower cubicles and changing rooms are often an afterthought and, as such, can be less than impressive. These spaces receive a lot of foot traffic, so it’s no wonder they need constant attention. Take a good look at the shower cubicles in your spa facilities – would you want to use them?

Upgrade your showers to feature newer technology that offers your guests a level of comfort and luxury they may not find in other hotels. Be clever with the shower systems you choose to offer ease and simplicity whilst still being pleasing to the eye.

Is your jacuzzi in need of a deep clean?

A 2020 study by Hydrochem UK shows that jacuzzis can be a source of all sorts of harmful bacteria if not cleaned or treated regularly. As the water is kept at a high temperature, this puts strain on the filtration system, which is ideal for bacteria to thrive. Inadequate water quality management can put users at risk of illnesses that could be potentially fatal.

If your jacuzzi is looking less than its best, it may be time to consider updating it to the latest model. Choose from thousands of jacuzzi designs that will have your system up and running again in no time and, most importantly, will impress your guests no end! Keep an eye on your filtration and water management system, ensure staff are trained to clean your jacuzzi properly and listen to guests if they are complaining of feeling unwell after being in your jacuzzi.

Make your spa facilities a tranquil setting

A hotel spa is an important part of your hotel business. It’s a great addition to your hotel and can be a really profitable business with some careful planning. It’s one of the most used facilities in a hotel, and can make a huge impact on your guests. It’s important to plan your spa carefully, making sure that it’s comfortable, easy to use and fits into the design of your hotel. As well, you need to make sure that it’s the right kind of spa for your hotel and that it will work well with the rest of the facilities you have.

Your spa should be a place where people come to relax. For this reason, its important to think of several elements that will enhance relaxation and invite your guests to stay longer. Consider your surround system – are you playing music in your spa area that is designed to turn it into a tranquil space? Choose your colours wisely – stay away from bright and vivid colours and instead opt for blues, greens, or creams to calm your guest’s minds. Lastly, don’t forget the details – plants and artwork will help to make your spa feel tranquil.

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