Stylish ideas to upgrade your commercial bathrooms in 2022

Stylish ideas to upgrade your commercial bathrooms in 2022

Get stylish with your commercial bathrooms hand washing and drying facilities

If you’re working on commercial bathrooms or toilet projects, you’ll need to find basins that are even more durable and hardwearing than those used in domestic homes.

Fortunately, we have a wide selection of commercial basins available, so you don’t have to compromise on style. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect model for your needs, whether you require a pedestal or wall-hung basin.

Selecting taps for a commercial bathroom can present a unique set of challenges. On the one hand, you want the taps to match your basin and look stylish. On the other hand, you need to account for the high volume of use and your client’s needs, such as water-saving and hygiene.

Luckily, our commercial taps range includes all sorts of designs, from those with sensors and timed flow control to those with large lever handles for accessibility. This way, your commercial bathroom ideas will never be restricted.

For hand drying, commercial hand towel and wipe dispensers offer an inexpensive option and come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes. If you do choose this option, don’t forget to provide bins for waste paper towels.

For a more high-tech finish, our commercial bathrooms hand dryers are available in a range of designs to suit budgets big and small. High quality and durable, our hand dryers will give your restroom that extra touch of class.

Toilets and urinals don’t have to be an ugly sight!

When choosing toilets for commercial premises, it is important to choose ones that are built to last. With our superb range of commercial toilets, you can be sure to find the perfect toilet for your needs from established brands.

All of our toilets are tested above, and beyond British and European standards, so you can be confident in their quality and durability.

For large-scale projects, urinals are a more space-efficient option for gentlemen’s toilets. RAK commercial urinals can also be matched with partition panels for more privacy. With a range of toilet cubicles, you can create a more personalised design for your project.

Any toilet installation will require some essential accessories, like commercial toilet paper dispensers and toilet brushes that are designed to withstand high-traffic areas. They come in a variety of designs and finishes to choose from.

At Aylesbury Bathroom Trade Centre, we have everything you need to install a disabled toilet that conforms to building regulations. Some of our suites include a thermostatic mixer tap to help prevent scalding, a raised-height toilet for greater accessibility, a set of approved grab rails, plus a disabled toilet alarm system.

We’re committed to helping you create a safe and accessible bathroom space for all users, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our products or services.

Consider the other elements in your commercial bathrooms

Now that you’ve considered all the important factors, it’s time to add those finishing touches to your commercial bathrooms installation. A robe hook on the back of a toilet cubicle door is a handy place to hang a coat, whilst a neat and concise door sign provides clear instructions for all users.

If you’re looking to add group showering facilities to a commercial project, domestic showers aren’t likely to be suitable since they’re not built to withstand constant use by many people.

Commercial showers are designed to be more tough and efficient, with timed flows and anti-vandal heads. A wall-mounted commercial hair dryer is a nice finishing touch for any communal showering area.

Finally, mirrors are an absolute necessity in any bathroom. be sure to consider the placement of your mirrors to enhance the light in your commercial bathrooms, as well as how they will work for your visitors.

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